Here are the 5 Celebrities Who Changed Their Teeth (Photos)

Below are the celebrities who have worked on or changed their teeth….

1. Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo ojo, Nigerian actress made a decision on the Real Housewives of Lagos to get veneers and a couple of episodes later, The thespian came back with a brand new set of teeth. She also shared an Instagram video that showcases her transformation. She captioned the video: “I’m loving my new set of tooth


2. Davido

Davido, Nigerian star, is another celebrity who got his teeth cosmetically enhanced. The singer took to his official Instagram to show off his teeth before his fixing and whitening procedure, and then showed off videos and pictures of the teeth after the procedure writing “I no close mouth again“.

3. Ka3na

Ka3na is another celebrity who showed off her new set of teeth during her Instagram Live session.The reality star took to her Instagram Live to show off her new teeth telling fans “I’m going to destroy you guys with my smile. I’m going to destroy people with my smile. This is so cute. I just wanted to show you guys my new smile.


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4. Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani, is another reality star and member of the Real Housewives of Lagos cast, who got her teeth fixed. According to the celebrity stylist who shared the above before and after picture on her Instagram, she said:

This is the first time I’m showing everyone what my teeth really looks like cause I hide them

To everyone saying they love my formal dentition ,may God bless you with them , #Amen , and I still talk the way I talk so it’s more s3xier,we all have our insecurities, and this has always been one of mine , it even makes me camera shy cause I know I have a lisp, and the space makes it worse when I speak , atimes I spit unknowingly while speaking cause of the gap, I even hate watching myself speak on tv and it makes me run from some certain facial angles when taking pictures, glad I finally worked on it and got my Big smile back, I and my family hv had this tetracycline stains since childhood , I hv bleached it, used braces for a while , it didn’t work for me and my space is from sucking two of my fingers when I was young


5. Niniola

This is so surprising, Niniola has from the beginning of her career always had a chipped tooth. Even as her career continued to rise and people told her to change it, the chip was always there so much so that it sort of became one of her trademarks but recently the musician decided to change her teeth.



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