“Your brain is totally empty” BBNaija’s Nini savagely killed a troll who claimed she has no fans.

The Savage conversation occurred on her Twitter fan base. It happened on Wednesday afternoon, 15th December 2021, when she uploaded a post lamenting about transportation issues on Lagos road.

She stated her unfortunate experience when she went to take a photoshoot and was disappointed by a Uber driver who had an encounter with the Lagos traffic jam.
Some fans replied that she was stylishly announcing her new ride which was on the way, while some said she was indirectly begging her fans for a new ride.

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The troll stated that she keeps mentioning fans that don’t exist.
The reality TV star savagely replied “There are 2 sides in your brain. On the right side, there is nothing left and on the right side, there is nothing right.
See the conversation below