You Cannot Move Forward if you Forget Your Past – See Why


This article is written according to my own opinion and I will make sure I cover all you need to know on why you cannot move forward if you forget the past but you can if you forgive the past.

Forgetting the past is not an option to pass things if I were to advise you on how to ease your pain, and you need to also know that if there is no pain there is no life. you will always get hurt emotionally


But when we talk about forgiving is when you get to move on from one situation but not forgetting so you will not get yourself in the same mistake or do the same mistake.

I will fist let you know what life is according to the different definition I gathered from the different tribe but before I do that I want you to know this, “YOU ARE SPECIAL” you are born with a face no one has never had or possed, you have your mistakes, your credit and your failure are all yours, so you can only define Life according to your own experience and your side of view.


“LIFE IS PAIN” some people define life as pain while some cover it with one word as “GIFT” — life is a gift so you should expect to see anything in it once opened.

Lets Talk About Forgetting The Past

Once you forget, it means you do not have access to recall again and do not have access to react or cry over it again so forgetting the past is like you delete what defines you and what makes you, you.


What makes you who you are?

Many things make you and things you have to pass through make who you are today but these two listed things are the most active part of people’s life.


your parent will always determine what you become and what character you have today as they also determine the career you get to choose.



Your environment hold 40 percent of what you are or what you become today while others hold the remaining 60 percent

But when I mention your environment you should know that your type of friends, neighbors will determine what you do, or what you learn.



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