Yoruba girl reveals that she receives N60k from her father before he sleeps with her.

Miss Tife is a young Yoruba girl who hails from Oyo state and she has chosen to tell in detail the reason why she allows her father to have xxx with her. The young girl due to the higher institutions shared her troubles with her counselor, hoping she would get some advice from the older one.

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According to Ghana Celebrities, this dirty relationship between her and her father started when she was accidentally seen undressing by her father. A particular look schooled his facial features, right then she had a hunch he had an untoward feeling for her. After that, her father played with her chest area until it got to the stage when they moved to the couple together. The xxx was one day initiated when she hugged her dad after his return from a business trip. This taboo activity between them blossomed to the ignorance of her mum until she was caught by her mum, scantily dressed(towel-covered body) coming out of her dad’s room.

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The mum became curious and suspicious, she began monitoring their activities until she caught them red-handed kissing. From that day onward, the relationship between mother and child went down the drain. According to Tife, her father isn’t bonking her for the purpose of ritual because sometimes she requests for it and gets paid with the sum of N50,000 to 60,000 by her father.


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