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Yaba is the Best place for Technology Startups in Lagos- See why

Lagos is the popular place In Nigeria because of its population and the biggest market place in Nigeria where goods are imported from different countries.

Its makes people wonder why many companies and industries are located there. In fact many head offices of foreign companies are based there.

Among these companies are the internet start-ups which mostly located in beautiful part Lagos known as Yaba. 

These internet start ups include the well known programming Start-ups Andela and Co-Creation hub which are well known for training Africans in the field of internet and programming.


Yaba is located on the mainland popularly known as Silicon Valley. The well known Lagos state university and Yaba college of technology are situated in this area.

Their nightlife is excellent as there are many good eateries, Bars and Night clubs with drive the attention of youth and the entire public there by making it the best place to stay in Lagos.


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