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Worries in Lagos as alleged drunk falls asleep near bridge


There was anxiety Wednesday, in Idumota area of Lagos Island, after an alleged drunk, was found dozing near the base of the pedestrian bridge. The incident occurred at about 10.30 am.

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According to eyewitnesses’ account, the man clad in shirt and a pair of trousers with a bag hung around his neck, was seated and dozing off thereby depriving some traders access to display their wares.


Thinking that he was ill and needed help, some of the traders tried to rally round him only to discover that he was drunk. Out of annoyance, one of the traders angrily attempted to pull him out of the space but the man ignored her, gently lied on the floor, and slept off not minding the human traffic in the area. This created anxiety among passersby and traders.


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