Woman arrested after 23 stolen ATM cards were found in her private part

A 23-year-old Tanzanian woman suspected of illegally obtaining bank users’ ATM cards and then withdrawing their monies has been arrested by the police and the shocker is that 23 ATM Cards were found hidden in her private part.
The suspect identified as Halima Juma was arrested on Tuesday after a bank teller got quite suspicious of her bank transactions.
Halima had used different cards of the same bank to withdraw money from a CRDB Bank ATM in Mbagala and this got the teller to alert the security personnel.
Upon being approached, Halima tried escaping but was caught down and upon a thorough search, she was found with 23 ATM cards all hidden in her private part. She then confessed to be
Confirming the case, Dar es Salaam regional police boss, Lazaro Mambosasa reportedly said, “She said they have been targeting the elderly rich-but-illiterate men and women, and pretend to help them withdraw money from ATM machines. She said they usually ask the users for their PIN numbers, and once they reveal the information, they lie to them that the ATM card has been ‘swallowed’, and so they should report to their respective banks the following day.
They, thereafter, go to another ATM machine and withdraw the monies. The other method they are employing is standing next to a user who has just withdrawn money via a teller. So, when the client has received his money, and is in the process of either counting or loading them into an envelope, they exchange his or her ATM card with another one. Of course, you know many a times, when one is counting money, the last thing they would pick from the counter is the ATM card and the identity card.
Woman Arrested With 23 ATM Cards In Her Private Part 2


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