Why I Changed My Name From ‘Martha’ to ‘Osas’ – Osas Ighodaro 

Osas Ighodaro is a well known, Nigerian actress, The beautiful and talented actress has starred in blockbuster movies including The Ghost and The Tout Too, Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story, The Man of God, The Bling Lagosians, and more. Earlier this year, The thespian took home the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Actress for her role as Amara in Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story

However, The actress is well known as Osas is now synonymous but what is very interesting to know is that she did not always go by this name as her stage name. She actually used to go by Martha which is her legal first name. 

Recently, During a sit-down interview with Lilian Afegbai on an episode of her show Lilian’s Couch, Osas opened up about the name change and explained why she did it and what led up to that moment. It’s quite the interesting story. Here’s what Osas said.

The actress explained why she changed her stage name from Martha to Osas, she said:

I grew up in the states so I didn’t know that Osas was so common here. Because my legal first name is Martha. That’s my legal first name. So it’s Martha Osariemen Elizabeth Ighodaro (Osiaremen meaning God’s Gift to Me).

And so whenever I would go to auditions in the states, there was one time when I went into an audition, I had my headshots and everything, and I had my name as Martha. So they were like “Oh? So you’re the Martha?” They were like, “Oh, I envisioned an old white woman coming in.” So I was like okay, I think it’s time I start to use my native name. And so I changed it when I was in the states, even before I moved to Nigeria. And so I’m like let me shorten it from Osariemen to Osas. It was either Osa or Osas, and I was like I like the s. I said let me just add the s for the sass. So that was just how it was and so when I went into my auditions after I then changed my stage name from Martha to Osas, they were like “Oh!”. (The name) is a conversation starter, it’s unique.

In conclusion, Osas Ighodaro did not always professionally go as Osas Ighodaro and instead went by Martha Ighodaro.

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