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Why HODI some Digital assets like DOGE, Bitcoin, and Ethereum?

Major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum are now big because of the support they got overtime of its existence by the people and the life-changing promise it gives to the people.
Now if you miss the opportunity then why not take it now that we got other currencies that also promise the same and also got the support of the higher and influential people like ELON MUSK.
It is no more secrete that the newly richest man in the world now invests in the crypto world and also gives high support to two digital currencies which are Bitcoin and DOGE coin.

Why you need to hold doge coin,bitcoin and ethereum

Even if some influential people at home and abroad keep hiding the fact that they also got some holdings (HODI) in the digital currencies or they condemned it don’t let that hold you back from hold some currencies because the future is clear.
What you need to know about Blockchain and Central banks.

We all know that fiat money is being controlled and managed by the government and if not, the money will lose value. (This is where the dirty government comes in to print illegal or borrow illegal funds to do some certain things, let’s just say that government cheats the system).

Blockchain is known to be decentralized from the very start, if you do not know what that means, it means that it is a blocked system that even the developer can not add more funds after the total supply of the coin when created.
So if you have got this lets to move to the Questions I asked myself when I got news of Hackers getting people’s funds out of their wallets.

Who can scam you of your coin?

there are a lot of ways you can get scammed online of your funds just the same way scammers disguise to be something they are not or get your information and data to log in your wallet.
but apart from that, there are some basic legit Scam you do not know and are used by companies
1. Blockchain Wallets: Some wallets claim to be blockchain which they are not if any wallet tells you that they are blockchain I.e al your fund’s security is with you and also the company that renders the wallet will not have access to it in ayn form at their backend. (So if you want to be 100 percent secure you should store your coin in wallets that gives you your wallet recovery seed phase and also have no lost password)

Other wallets:

There are sometimes you will need to put some of your funds in an exchange wallet like Binance, coinpaga e.t.c but you should make sure you do not store your coin in any exchange that does not have a name to protect or certified.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies explained:

The major concept of Bitcoin is to be decentralized and i.e a system that cannot be cheated or manipulated that is the main reason why it is called the blockchain.
Why you should Hodi some crypto for your children.
Bigger banks are now moving to digital assets and also we all know that the more people know about crypto the more its opportunity to rise over time and more gain for you.


This article is direct and straight forward according to my research

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