“Why allow people to worship you” – Actress, Mide Martins Insult men of God

Popular Nollywood actress, Mide Martins has decided to share her little opinion about men of God who allow their members worship them. According to the mother of two, no matter how these men of God help their members, the glory should be returned to God and not to a man.

 Mide Martins who shared a very beautiful picture of her Instagram page captioned the post “Don’t Allow People To Worship You
No Matter How Much God Is Using You
To Help Others Always Allow Him To Take
To Take The Glory.. Good Day Lovers 🥰”

The ageless woman who clocked 41 few days ago is one who doesn’t peddle into religion or men of God talks on social media. Looks like she believes in God no doubt, but does not believe in any man of God.


      1. says who
        that’s the major problems we’re having in the society’s, we have to tell them the truth because they are not God, is only God that is perfect, we human beings are full of inperfection so when we tell them the truth they will take correction.

    1. That is exactly what is happening in the christiandom till today. Most Christians honor their pastors more than God. Some women quickly kneel down for their pastors which they can’t even do that for their husband. And pastors are their, doing nothing to correct many things.
      My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

    2. This is true tho, so ppl fear their pastor and not God, most times it is not d fault of those pastors o but members tend to give glory to their pastors and not God, it’s actually good when you appreciate and respect your pastors and not to worship them , members can make pastors do what they don’t intend on doing, it takes a pastor who is very strong and by the grace of God not to fall by how they praise you

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