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What is life without a girlfriend?- See Answers


You proposed to her. She said— ‘Yes’. You are about to kiss her…. But freaking alarm decides to go off.

Since childhood, your parents taught you to speak the name of god as soon as you wake up. Instead, you start off your day with the most creative of slurs aimed at the alarm clock, the inglorious Monday morning, the fictional ex of your girlfriend in your dreams and life in general.
You snooze the alarm in the hopes that the kiss in your dreams will be complete as soon as you will close your eyes.

You do the same and tightly roll the blanket around, as you wait for the darkness to surround you and your dream girl to come to life again.

Instead, you are greeted with a buffalo staring at your face for no apparent reason. You startle, fumble around and open your eyes.

Somehow the sun outside seems to be brighter than it used to be 5 minutes ago. You take in a deep breath and fearing the worst, you gather enough courage to look at your mobile screen.

It’s been more than an hour since you slept again.

You take a moment to try and understand this paradox of time before jumping out of your bed and getting ready in record time.

You are getting late for the movie you promised your friends to be on time for. You look up the app to determine the time of the next local train and you make a run for the railway station.


Your friends call you and you assure them that you will be there in five minutes, which obviously means an hour in Indian Standard Time.

You are sweating pools by the time you arrive at the station and find yourself standing amidst a sea of people. But the pretty girl standing next to you catches your attention.


She looks at you suddenly and passes a beautiful smile. You are taken aback but reciprocate the gesture equally. Could she be the one?

Feeling great about the turn of events, your gaze slowly drifts away to her mobile on which she is busy texting someone by the name of ‘Darling’. You roll your eyes, look towards god for a brief second before fighting off hundreds in the crowd to get inside the train.

You arrive at your stop in 30 minutes and see a possibility to make it to the theater in time. But as soon as you start making a run for the escalator, your eyes are locked with another pretty girl, who suddenly blushes as soon as she sees you. Could she be the one?


This time, you don’t even have the time to smile back. Before you realize it, you found your legs moving up the escalator but your body for some reason, just decided to stay back.

*Bam… swoosh… drop* You fall down the escalator and suddenly realize how big a fool you had made of yourself. Aged men passing by your side have to lift you up and you try to not make eye contact with anyone. You decide to take the stairs instead and rush to the theater, because the girl who smiled at you earlier is already gone.

You finally arrive at the place. You are finally there to watch your favorite movie for which you have been waiting for months. But you realize that the counter is empty and instead of waiting for you, your friends already went in to enjoy Vicco Turmeric commercials before the start of the movie. You curse your decision to watch the movie in IMAX 3D for which you have to make a run halfway across town on a Sunday afternoon. You finally go inside and hope that the movie didn’t start.

Gladly, it didn’t.


You are greeted by some random commercial for a new grocery app on the block that promises to change the world. You get your glasses and walk like a blind man to find your seat, and your friends. They have left you out and you have to sit at the corner of the group. They ignore you, for you are late. They ridicule you, for you are late. They don’t even know you, for you are late.

That is all until a group of four gorgeous girls come and sit right next to you.

Your friends all look at you, for you are their best friend. Your friends all praise you, for you are their best friend. Your friends want to trade their places with you, for you are… their best friend.

The movie finally starts. And you don’t wanna hear anything since you want to drown in the beauty of the movie and its engaging storyline. But you hear the three girls pampering the one sitting beside you.

Is it happening for real? Or is my single status making my mind go bonkers?

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