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What if being poor is what will make you Go to Hell ,How will you Live your life ?


I have been thinking that what if being poor is what God will use to judge people to enter the fire. that means only the rich will go to Heven and the poor will go to Hell.

As a person What will you have done if you had known this from this moment before you die?


As for me, I for don turn yahoo boy or an internet Gangstar or a wanted OG wire” if I no get money wetin I gain what about


what will you have done if being poor is what will Make you Go to Hell?



    1. Being poor is like choosing between life and death some may I am wrong but the truth is being poor is a choice and being rich is also a choice. That is why find many unbelievers are rich while some Christians are just getting by. Living from hand to mouth. It is a choice.

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