Watch a little Boy blaming the devil for pushing him to steal meat as his mother punishes him for his act (Video)

A young boy blamed the devil for pushing him to thief meat while serving punishment.


In a hilarious video shared online, the boy is seen squatting as a punishment.


He begs his mother, telling her it’s the devil that pushed him to steal the meat. He then beg his mother to release him so he can pray the devil away.  


“Release me let me pray,” the boy begs his mother.


 But his mother asked him to cast the devil away while serving his punishment.


The boy then begins praying while cussing the devil.


He says: “Devil, see the way I’m suffering. You know it’s you that say I should go and carry the meat. Now you cannot help me. God will punish you. Idiot. Mumu man.”


Watch the (video) below….



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