WARNING MEN – These 3 Mistakes in the Bedroom Causes Poor Performance, Broken Marriages and Makes Women Cheat”


  • WARNING MEN – These 3 Mistakes in the Bedroom Causes Poor Performance, Broken Marriages and Makes Women Cheat hi

There are 3 mistakes that most men make in the bedroom that makes them unable to satisfy their woman in bed, have poor sexual performance and often time makes their wife cheat on them.

Let me tell you about them…

1) Poor Hygiene – Women complain about a man having dirty and unclean hands more than anything else. They are degusted by the thought of dirty hands touching them both on their body, breast or private parts. Do yourself a favor and get a hand sanitizer so you can get soft, tender hands.

2) Little or no foreplay: Most men jump into sex without any foreplay at all. Most men usually get this wrong. They jump into having sex too fast with their partner like having “quickies”.

Women do not really enjoy this. You just can’t jump foreplay.

You have to stimulate her physically, psychologically and emotionally for her to be ready and enjoy the sex with you.

Foreplay might even give women multiple orgasms. Some of the foreplay you can do is kissing, cuddling, caressing her breasts, massaging her and talking dirty.

When you skip foreplay, most women find the sex boring and that in turn can make her cheat on you with another man.

3) Releasing too fast during s*x: No woman wants a man that releases within 30 seconds or 1minute of penetrating her. It leaves a woman unsatisfied, and she may even be tempted to cheat on you with another man that can satisfy her.

If you can’t last long in bed, do yourself a favor and solve this problem ASAP.

Talking about releasing too fast, and unable to satisfy your woman in bed, if you’re experiencing this problem… then you are not alone.


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