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When a woman is unable to get pregnant after so many years of trying (or six months if a woman is 35 or older) known as Infertility and so many people do not know this. This article will shed more light on “Infertility” if you will like to continue reading.


The basic fact is that a woman can get pregnant and not able to stay pregnant for long and this may also be a result of being infertile.


About (6.1 million) which is 10 percent and countless women in Nigerian that age from 18-44 have 10 percent of women (6.1 million) in the United States ages 15-44 have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

To get pregnant: It takes many steps and this Pregnancy is the result of these things below…

  • A woman’s body must release an egg from one of her ovaries (ovulation).
  • The egg must go through a fallopian tube toward the uterus (womb).
  • A man’s sperm must join with (fertilize) the egg along the way.
  • The fertilized egg must attach to the inside of the uterus (implantation).

Infertility can happen if there are problems with any of these above steps.

What causes infertility in women

Most cases of female infertility are caused by problems with ovulation. Without ovulation, there are no eggs to be fertilized. Some signs that a woman is not ovulating normally include irregular or absent menstrual periods.


Ovulation problems are often caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormone imbalance problem that can interfere with normal ovulation. PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility. Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) is another cause of ovulation problems. POI occurs when a woman’s ovaries stop working normally before she is 40. POI is not the same as early menopause.

Less common causes of fertility problems in women include:



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