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Video: How i Hack Into Jumia, Order Iphone 11 pro Max With Just 200 Naira

This tutorial shows how I order my first iPhone 11 pro max on jumia for just 200 naira and if you still don’t understand it you can watch the video Here

The idea came one afternoon when I order my first pink lips balm for just 20000 naira which is soo cost for me to afford but I want it and I want to buy it.

first, let me tell you about myself, I am a web programmer and I have a lot of experience in programming languages like python, c++, and others and I stay indoors most of the time because I enjoy hacking a lot.

I have been into hacking since 2011 and it has been a great pay for me ever since then. but now I will like to share with you how I order this iPhone on Jumia for just 200 naira only.

NOTE: this can only be done on your PC – Personal computer 

What you need to do

  1. Take your PC and install window 10: This is because of the capacity of what you want to hack
  2. Go to Jumia or any shopping site of your choice
  3. Find any iphone 11 pro max using the Jumia search button.
  4. finally, you are on this site make sure you are using a strong VPN

Now let get started

Press CTRL +  SHIFT + I

It would bring all the details of what you need to do in the video above and everything you see there is a source code of any site you tried it on

Well, I know many of you would have been trying it right now, But there is more to hacking Jumia than meet the eye. The tutorial is mainly to “sourcecode any website“. Many can insult me if you want to but JUMIA as a site can never be hacked, at least not with these easy steps. Sorry about that, Just Keep your mind clean.

Wait!!! What were you thinking? You think I will just teach you how to hack Jumia, and I should become a point of a target for EFCC? No, no way.

Please don’t insult me!!!.


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