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Vanessa Bryant sues company Responsible for kobe bryant and daughter’s death

Vanessa Bryant sues company island Express and the pilot accuse them of reckless action.

Vanessa Bryant took this action  just days after her hubby and daughter were laid to rest

Vanessa Bryant sues company for damages from the company for allowing the helicopter to fly in bad weather condition, causing deaths

The suit also implicated the pilot who was flying at 180 miles per hour in heavy fog and a steep decline just moments before the crash in Calabasas, California Late Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant sue company that owned the helicopter that crashed, killing her hubby, daughter Gigi.

Vanessa, in her suit against Island Express, accused the company of allowing Kobe, Gigi, and seven others to fly in an unsafe aircraft.

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According to court papers, the widow stated the company caused the deaths of the aforementioned by ferrying them in a chopper that was not certified to fly in bad weather conditions.

TMZ reported on Monday, February 24, that Vanessa’s lawsuit asserted the ill-fated chopper that crashed on January 26, should only be allowed to fly under visual flight rules, but the conditions on the day of the incident were not conducive for such flying. has gathers that Vanessa’s suit also implicated the Island Express’ pilot Ara George Zobayan, who was flying at 180 miles per hour in heavy fog and a steep decline just moments before the crash in Calabasas, California.

According to Vanessa’s accusations, the pilot slept on his job and failed to properly monitor and assess the weather before to takeoff, failed to get accurate weather data before the flight, failed to abort the flight when he noticed the cloudy condition, failed to maintain control of the helicopter in a move that saw her lose her hubby and daughter.

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In her suit, Vanessa is seeking damages or rather to be compensated by Island Express for burial and funeral expenses.

She is also demanding damages for loss of love, affection, care, society, service, comfort, support, right to support, counseling, moral support and expectations of the future.


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Vanessa also included ”pre-impact” terror damages for the emotional trauma Kobe and daughter suffered as the pilot struggled to get out of the clouds moments before the accident.

Kobe’s wife did not specify the amount she is seeking but is pressing for. The lawsuit does not list a number of damages sought.

but Vanessa is asking for punitive actions against Island Express and the pilot, saying they were reckless.

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