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United States Prepare to Deport International Students Who Switch to Online courses

United States has announced that international students whose institutions switch to full online learning for the 2020/21 academic session will not have their Visa renewed.

According to the US immigration and customs, International students who fall under this category risk deportation from the country if they refuse to leave before the expiration of their visas.

This move is expected to affect thousands of international students pursuing degrees in American universities and participate in vocational training programs including non-academic sources.

The announcement comes as Universities have started to adopt online modules of education due to restrictions caused by the Coronavirus.

Institutions like Harvard have a lready announced its intention to switch it courses online even though undergraduates are expected to pay the regular session fees of $49,000.

In its Monday release, Immigration and Customs enforcement said some students who fall under certain visas may not take full online courses and can remain in the United States.

The U.S. Department of State will not issue visas to students enrolled in schools and/or programs that are fully online for the fall semester nor will U.S. Customs and Border Protection permit these students to enter the United States.” The department added.

It also added that students have the options of transfering to institutions that still practice in person instructions or hybrid schools that also combine this with some online learning.

One of the biggest challenges facing international students is the ban on international travel in most countries also due to the Coronavirus asides from the fact that very few schools want to practice in-person teaching right now.


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