Two women spotted fighting over a man

In Limbe, Southwestern, Cameroon, Two young women were spotted fighting over a man.

According to a Cameroonian Facebook users who shared the photos on Friday, June 10, said cases of ladies fighting over men are rampant in the region.

“Limbe young girls have not failed to disgrace and represent themselves in the competition of fighting over men. Men really mean a lot to these women.” Clement Toh wrote.

In other news, A couple has ended their one-year relationship after the lady insisted her man won’t get down with her until they get married.

According to screenshots of their chat shared online by Twitter user @datchuguy, the young lady insisted that the man must respect her decision not to sleep with her until they are married.

The man however insists that he has needs that must be met by his woman. They called off their relationship as the lady insists that her principles must be respected by the man.

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