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Train Attack: Tinubu donated 50m on behalf of the victims involved in the train attack in Kaduna.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu former president of Lagos State who is aspiring for a presidential post, also the National Leader of All Progressive Congress (APC)  donated 50m to victims who were involved in the train attack last Monday in Kaduna.

He said Nigeria is bleeding and needs to fight against bandits and terrorism with energy and everything the country has which is very important.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s host and Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir el-Rufai said during his visits that Nigeria is in a critical condition and would need a capable leader in 2023, who will lead Nigeria out of the various challenges the country faced.

The 50 million that was donated by Tinubu was on behalf of the victims involved in the train attack in Kaduna to take care of their well being.

According to the presidential aspirat, ” we are facing the current challenges seriously and we have to do more. Nigeria bleeds on behalf of everybody. We need to fight terrorism with all our energy and whatever we have. It’s not shameful for people to be poor, but it’s unacceptable to accept poverty as a norm. It’s shameful to be callous, wicked and be a bully or terror to instil fear in humanity and it’s not acceptable.”

“I’m here on a condolence visit to Kaduna to sympathise with the Governor and people of Kaduna and entire Nigeria. What happened to the people on the Abuja to Kaduna train on Monday for all of us. A sad day. Whatever happens to Nigerians happens to all of us. I understand that some people are still missing. Innocent people are maimed, killed, and the family is suddenly thrown into sorrow it’s frustrating. But we must submit to the will of God.”

“Malam el-Rufai, the Governor we walk with you in every aspect of the way because you are the symbol of unity. We cannot forget that in a hurry. It’s a symbol of Nigeria’s unity. It’s about service but if enemies of progress feel they can deter you from that service and human development, we would all say no.”

“I’m here with my entourage to support and pledge that whatever we need to do, we will do to make a reasonable contribution to the welfare of the victims. I urge Nigerians to contribute to the welfare of the victims either in hospital recovering or in their homes.”

Tinubu cancelled his 70th-anniversary meeting to honour the victim that was attacked, Governor of Kaduna state el-Rufai expressed his appreciation for this.

“This gesture by Asiwaju is a show of powerful leadership, empathy and concern for the lives and property of Nigerians. It’s unprecedented in our history in Nigeria. The government and people of Kaduna state will never forget this gesture. We are very grateful to you for your service, sacrifice and commitment to the unity and that of our country. We appreciate your call for people to contribute to enabling us to rehabilitate the victims of this tragedy.

“We are aware of your aspiration to be president of this country, we look forward to furthering engagement so that we can progress that aspiration.”

“Nigeria is at crossroads, a critical crossroads, and we must take very difficult decisions to get the right leaders that would take us out of the multiple quagmires that we are going through. These are human challenges and they can be solved by human ingenuity. I pray for God to choose who is best for Nigeria so that we will be the better, united, progressive and exemplary country that is fair and just to everyone.”

Tinubu visited the victims of the attack who were hospitalized at the St. Gerard Catholic Hospital in Kaduna to sympathize with them, including the staff of the hospital, a doctor, who was killed by the bandits but was told that the victims have all been discharged and left to their respective homes.

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