Tragedy in Imo as husband smatshes newborn baby on the ground because of gender..


Tragedy in Imo as husband smatshes newborn baby on the ground because of gender..·

Wonder cease! A 49-year old husband has reportedly smashed his newborn baby on the floor in anger ultimately leading to the baby’s death.

Image used just for illustrative purpose (not the particular victim)

The man simply identified as Ezekiel Anorue is said to have been angered by the gender of the baby after realising his wife had given birth to yet another girl for the fifth time. Out of rage, he smashed the new born on the floor and the child died instantly.

According to PM Express news, Ezekiel Anorue has been arrested by men of the Imo State Police Command and is reportedly going to be charged for homicide. If tried and convicted, he could be looking at a life imprisonment sentence.

According to the wife of the suspect while speaking in tears, she explained how she had to lie to her husband that she is carrying a male child. She said she had to lie as a result of the numerous threats she received from her husband after the 3rd and 4th deliveries.

She said, “I had to lie to him so I should have peace of mind”.

Recalling the unfortunate incident, she stated that she raised alarm when the baby stopped breathing immediately the father hit her on the floor.

The suspect, Anorue, has also since confessed to the crime.He said he doesn’t understand what came over him. He claims to have given his wife cash to do scan tests in two different laboratories. He said she led him on, lying to him that they would be having a male child. He claims to have even renovated the house only to be disappointed again.


Speaking on the strength of the report, the Imo State Public Relations Officer stated the suspect will be charged to Court as quickly as investigations are concluded.

One would think that in this age and time, people have outgrown the primitive way of thinking that a certain gender is better than the other. Let’s just hope justice is served and that our society is rid of evil men like this.

What do you think of his actions? Is there any justification?


  1. Even a king that has an important office (throne) to occupy is still patient hoping on God believing is God that Gives not Man. While didn’t u kill urself rather for not putting in a male child instead u end the life of God’s creature not knowing wat she might become in the future. U will tell ur creator when u meet him.

  2. This is very wicked, how could he?
    Is it the wife’s fault that she gave birth to a girl the fifth time, tho I still blame the wife for lying to him that it’s a male but this in any way doesn’t justify such evil action

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