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Top 10 Nigerian Artists Who Ended Their Music Career After 1 Hit Song (No. 1 will shock you)

On this list, we present ten of our generation’s most well-known one-hit wonders. These are musicians that even children of the indomie age will recognize or have heard of at some point.

We presents the list of top 10 Nigerian Artists Who Ended Their Career After 1 Hit Song

10. Victor AD (Wetin We Gain)

Everyone love the song “Wetin We Gain.” by Victor AD. But for years now,  he is still trying to make a better hit song that the previous one, but with all his effort, he couldn’t make another hit song. Though he has tried all he could, but he just couldn’t meet up.

9. Pepenazi (Illegal)

Everyone knows that the YBNL chief commonly  known as Olamide badoo has been a hit from back-to-back. That’s the Olamide effect, anyways. but the question here is Olamide can give you a hit song, but are you gonna call on him every single time you need a hit? BIG “NO”.

But After all these years, Pepenazi just couldn’t hit us with another banger no matter how hard he tries.

8. Wale Turner (No)

Wale Turner was once a wonder boy. Well, everyone actually thought he could reins of indigenous hip-hop and bring it to the mainstream.

The hit was actually crazy. got thousands of streams and it was a catchy hit too, and a very worthwhile one too. It was able to keep the guy in some conversations for about a year. After which, the reign just dies off.

7. Sugarboy (Hola Hola)

After his mild hit “Hola Hola,” in 2016, he’s not done anything so hot. Even his album was shit. Stealing a song from an upcoming art didn’t help either. Where is Sugarboy today sef?

6. Viktoh (Skibi Dat)

Viktoh was the YBNL find boy at the year, everftinBefore “Skibi Dat,” Viktoh was popular for his contribution to Lil Kesh‘s viral “Efejoku” and for being YBNL’s fine boy.

But he doesn’t even understand what he wants to do. Sing, rap, or be a fine boy? His music has failed to impress over the years, unlike say, Lil Kesh, for example.

Only “Skibi Dat” was a hit. All what he did after that didn’t pick up.

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5. Jodie (Kuchi Kuchi)

Whatever happened to Jodie.

Oh baby, oh baby, kuchi kuchi yeah..” Who didn’t know that song that year? That tune can actually cool your temper, anytime. It sounds like gospel and inspirationals, but it’s a love song. It was a hit then, in 2011.

But, many people don’t even know her name, let alone, another song from her. Sadly, I might add.

4. Bigiano (Shayo)

Waste of talent, or what do we call this? Bigiano made one of the biggest hits of 2008, a club jam named “Shayo.”…

If you are a fan of Nigerian music since the 2007 , you’ll definitely know Bigiano. And, that “Shayo” jam. But unfortunately, that was his only hit.

3. Vic-O

A popular Nigerian music artiste aka Victor Odu aka Vic O Music Messiah has cried out to his fans for financial assistance.

in a clip on his Instagram handle, the Italy-based singer said he was bankrupt and needed urgent assistance.

Vic O who came to the limelight with his song ‘After Party’, in 2010 in a video he shared on social media opening up on his predicament, begged his fans.

In the video captioned “I don’t want to die in silence” which has garnered over 10,000 views, the singer posted his bank account, bitcoin, and PayPal for financial help. “So anyhow u can support me u won’t

regret it. Send me dm and if you’re truly a fan of mine. Anyhow, u feel like it will be helpful.”

On Wednesday morning, Vic. O broke the news of his father’s death in a video on Instagram alongside a terse note.

“I just lost my lovely dad this morning. Death is wicked. We are strangers in the world,” he captioned the post.

In the video, the rapper said he talked with his dad on Tuesday about how he had gone bankrupt and the deceased told him, “my son do not worry, everything will be fine.”

He said his father’s death comes as a rude shock to him.

2. Eedris Abdul Kareem

Known for Nigerian Hip Hop rappers from the early 2000, Eedris Abdulkareem was one of the best and most popular with smash songs like Jaga Jaga and Mr Lecturer can never be forgotten because these were conscious music.

Eedris Abdulkareem, was signed into Kenni’s Music after splitting with the music group “ Eddy Remedies” in 2002.


He was known for the anti-government musician like Fela and this made him lose relevance fast when power changed hands from Obasanjo back in the day. He is always seen coming out on socials to criticize one or two things in the Nigerian Political and Musical system but really, nobody is paying attention to him. Eedris Abdulkareem has become non relevance in the Nigerian rap scenes.

1. Lord of Ajasa

Ajasa back than was a trending Yoruba hip hop star who raps in Yoruba dialect Ajasa emerged into the lime light with the track titled “Ma yi lo.

Lord of Ajasa was reported to be critically ill and needed funds to undergo operation on 15 June 2019.

And that’ was all it !!!

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