July 2, 2022

Top 10 Most Expensive Car In The World

Here is the list of the 10 most expensive cars in the world. Nowadays, the most expensive car in the world becomes one of the world’s most expensive toys of the rich.
You can imagine how rich they are because they spend millions of dollars just for the car. These more expensive cars become expensive due to their function, their material, and the most important thing is their speed.
It is not surprising that the most expensive car in the world is one of the fastest legal machines in the world. So let’s take a look at those most expensive cars in the world

10. Maybach 62 ($ 385,250)

Maybach 62 is the most expensive car for four doors. This car with Maybach 57 is the newest brand in the company since the addition of Mercedes-Benz. The car was produced by Maybach and Mercedes-Benz art and its first appearance in the Tokyo Motor Show 1997.

9. Mercedes SLR McLaren ($ 455,500)

Maybe you should know what SLR stands for. It stands for “Sportlich, Leicht, Rennsport”. It means lightweight and racing in English. So you know what you can expect from this car. The car uses a 5.5-liter V8 engine with 90 degrees and produces twice the power of 6500 RPM 626 PS. The car was created jointly by Mercedes Benz and McLaren. The car is assembled at the McLunder Tech Center in the United Kingdom and is priced at $ 455,500.

8. Porsche Carrera GT ($ 484,000)

Porsche Carrera GT is one of the most expensive sports cars. This supercar uses a 5.7-liter V10 engine rated at 612 hp. Acceleration to 0-100 km can be achieved in 3.9 seconds and can accelerate to 330 km / h. When this is verified, the result is even better than a complaint.

It can reach 0-96 km / h in just 3.5 seconds and 0-160 km / h in just 6.8 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 335-340 km / h. To own this supercar, you need to provide 484,000 dollars. Good money for a great car.

7. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo ( $ 555,000)

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo from the US. This luxury car uses 90 degrees v8, 7.0 liters of the engine equipped with twin-turbo. The engine produced 750 PS power. The speed of 0-400 km / h can reach 10.6 seconds with fast speed can reach 399 km / h.

6. Koenigsegg CCX ( $ 600,910)

Koenigsegg CCX is a supercar produced by Swedish car manufacturers. The CCX itself is the abbreviation of “Coupe X Competition”. The engine of the car was produced by Koenigsegg with a capacity of 4.7 liters, DOHC, 32 V8 pieces. CCX has been complying with the US rules.

5. LeBlanc Mirabeau ( $ 645,084)

The car was manufactured by Koenigsegg and co-produced by Wysstec GMBH and Leblanc Cars. This car is similar to the Le Mans endurance car. The car is powered by a DOHC engine, 4.7 liters and produces 700 PS. However, the manufacturer does not define other specifications such as maximum speed and acceleration.

4. Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero ( $ 654,440)

Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero was produced by Shelby, an American supercar producer. During the speed test, the SSC Ultimate aero can reach a speed of 412.28 km / h (256.18 mph) when tested in West Richland, Washington, US.

It’s the second-fastest car after the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Acceleration from 0 to 60 km / h can be reached in less than 2.7 seconds. The engine capacity is 6.345 liters, V-8 1183 hp at 6950 pm. The car uses a double turbo and an intercooler.

3. Pagani Zonda C12 ( $ 741,000)

Pagani, the Italian automobile producer, is not the famous automobile producer. But Pagani Zonda c12F was presented at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show.

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This car is an incredible car that uses a 7.3-liter V-12 engine. The power generated to reach 602PS and 650 HP. The body of the car is made mainly of carbon fiber.

2. Ferrari Enzo ( $ 1 million)

The name of the car is the name of founder Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. The car also is called F60. It is a supercar with 12 engines with a capacity of 60 liters. It was produced in 2002 with the technology of Formula 1. Some of the technology is a carbon fiber body, a change of gear using ceramics and carbon dioxide.

1. Bugatti Veyron ( $ 1.7 million)

This amazing car was made by Bugatti Automobiles SAS, under the Volkswagen group. Bugatti Veyron uses the W16 machine, consisting of 16 cylinders and 8.0 liters of capacity. The car can reach a top speed of 407 km/hour and an acceleration of 0-96 km/hour in just 2.5 seconds.

Conclusion I hope you like the collection of the top 10 most expensive car in the world which is listed above. Which car do you most like? comment below.

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