Tonto Dikeh not deported, still in Dubai prison…more incriminating evidence against her

Just recently, controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh was arrested in Dubai after an altercation with security personnel and there were reports that she was later deported. Tonto denied the deportation rumours and shared a video of herself still in Dubai.

Well a source close to the actress has revealed more incriminating details about her arrest in an interview with Kemi Ashefon.

The month of November saw quiet a number of Nigerian celebrities visiting the City of Gold, Dubai, and even peppering their haters with beautiful photos and videos from the city.

Various Nigerian celebs visited the city for different reasons including attending the One Africa Fest as well as the Bamteddy wedding.

Well, two stars whose visit to the city caused a lot of stir are celebrity besties, Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky. Their fun trip took another turn after Tonto was arrested in Dubai after she had an altercation with security personnel and hurled insulting words at them.

After the arrest was made, there were speculations were made that Tonto was deported from the city. Well, her best friend, Bobrisky posted a video of the actress to dispel the rumours. In the video, Tonto made sure to show that she is still in Dubai.

More details about Tonto’s detention has emerged after a close source to the actress revealed in an interview with Kemi Ashefon that the mother of one is still in Dubai.

According to the source, Bobrisky’s post about Tonto is just damage control to make fans think everything is well.

The source said: “First, Tonto is not the type to use that kind of video to debunk allegations of detention and deportation.

She would have used a more beautiful background wearing gorgeous clothes and displaying affluence. That was a damage control video she shared through Bobrisky. Tonto was looking like a tart! She wasn’t wearing make-up and looking like a prisoner in one small room! Anyways, in the video, there was no address about or her arrest. The Tonto we knew would have tore whoever wrote that story into shreds.”

Also, Bobrisky has now shared another video on his page showing Tonto Dikeh telling her fans to follow her new Instagram page, @king_wigocharity. The actress explained that her old account is fine but she left her password in her office in Nigeria and cannot access the page.

Kemi Ashefon’s source also commented on this. The source said: “Who is fooling who? She said she is still in Dubai but her password is still in Africa! In this IT age? The video looks so stupid! Meanwhile, before the new page, she had posted many photos from Dubai on the old page @tontolet which has over 5million followers. It was on her old page she posted her ‘fake gift’ from Timi Frank. She even bought a new phone to run the new page! As a matter of fact, she removed the nylon seal from the cover of the phone!”

Speaking further on the actress, Kemi Ashefon’s source explained that after Tonto was arrested, her hotel room was searched and hard substances were found.

The source said: “After her arrest and her hotel room was searched, they found out that she came to Dubai with hard drug*s which she must have been taking”.

Hmm…Nawa o.