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Tomatoes can make these changes to your face…here’s how

Here i will tell you how tomatos can treats make changes to your skin blemishes

Almost all women go out of their way to make their skin glow by using artificial beauty products that might be detrimental to the skin.

The fruit is popular for it’s versatility and it’s ability to reduce skin problems. Today’s article will highlight how tomato can influence your skin glow. so this is what you get when you try these natural methods….

1. Decreases the effect of sunburn

Tomato is rich in lycopene and other plant compounds that may protect against sunburn. Mix tomato juice with some buttermilk and apply to the skin allowing it to soak in the coolness of this magic concoction. Tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe sunburn and neutralize the skin while the yoghurt will replenish the moisture balance of the skin.

2. Treats pimples and other skin blemishes

Being rich in vitamins, tomatoes are very effective in curing acne, black spots and

pimples on the skin. Simply slice a tomato and rub the succulent part on the skin. Leave for some minutes and wash off with cool water to get rid off acne and to get the great glow.

Tomatoes makes your skin glow [ece-auto-gen]

3. It has anti-ageing properties

Tomatocontains nutrients like lycopene, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Proteins, and many more which help in rejuvenating your skin and preventing it from ageing. Just slice out the tomato and apply on the skin and leave for some minutes before washing off. Repeat application twice to three times a week for your firm skin no wrinkles.

4. Repair skin tissues and cells

Tomatoes helps in repairing the damaged cells of the skin. It contains protein help to heal wounds by repairing damaged tissues, build and repair cells, and fight infections. The Vitamin C present in the fruit is also an essential nutrient and antioxidant.

5. Reduces oil in the skin

They remove excess oils from your skin and keep your face fresh for longer. All you need to do is mix the juices of fresh tomatoes and cucumber. Using a cotton ball, apply the juice to your face regularly.


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