This elephant turns the jungle to his playground and this happened -(Video)

In the viral video below it shows how a jungle elephhant has manage to turn his space into a playground and this has got a lot of peoples awareness and coment on social media.

some people say they can’t say if the elephant is living a happy life or sad one… see peoples coments and video below

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@Breth robinson: Relax people.
It is impossible to tell from this video whether this elephant has an easy or hard life, whether it’s in any discomfort.
Applying your upsets, anxieties, wants and needs to the animal in the video is understable, but completely illogical.

Meanwhile Naijapalaba publish recently on

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@car lo: The commanding voice! So sad! God only knows what this poor animal has to endure every day. ?

@friona bambrilla : Now who caught this situation. ? It’s original. What a jumbo. ! Is he play full or is one of his legs. in pain? No Brett we are not illogical. Just concerned. So many people could not care a damn About animals or other people What category are you?

@carole : He does look like he is under stress…how upsetting ?‍♀️?

@Wenzday capilli : Elephants that old doesn’t play anymore…either his knees are itchy or he was having a painful, weak knees. It must be checked by a Vet…?

watch video below:

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