“This country is too hot” – James Brown, Nigerian Crossdresser laments as he returns to Nigeria after traveling for months (video)

James Brown, Nigerian crossdresser, has returned to Nigeria after traveling to the United Kingdom for several months to study.

James Brown, who travelled to the UK since February to study , shared a video on Tuesday, May 3, showing how he was welcomed by a group of drummers, dancers, his friends, and his sister, Gracious Brown, from the airport.

According to James brown, he said he’s back to change the mentality of Nigerians.

However, after only a few hours in Nigeria, James Brown took to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the country’s harsh weather.

He stated that his body has become accustomed to the weather in the United Kingdom and that despite being in a fully air-conditioned room, he is dripping with sweat.

“This Country is too HOT

Watch (video) below,