Things to do when you are depressed.


I have come to the stage of depression before and I know had terrible it is…it take me a lot of years to know I am depressed, not to talk of how I get solution to it…

When you are depressed it is always like you are up for anything not thinking at the moment if it is bad or good you just want to make changes.

As for my expirience during that time of depression you don’t want to take your own advice and all you want or need is someone else to talk to you..

If you are lucky enough to know that you are depressed the only solution I will recommend to you is eat and sleep… If you are a smoke person.. I will like you to stay away from that because you will over do it and if you are a drinking person do the same by staying away from these things..

In simply words : Eat at the moment, take some sleeping pills, and play your favourite music…

Solution 2:

I will say having sex at that moment is a solution and even the most recommended solution by me.

At the Kent of sex all you could focus on is who you are having it with and the sweet pleasure you are getting… After that you can take a sleeping pills…

When you wake, then you can think about how you life will be better or how to move on with break up…

If you are suffering from breakup depression… These are the thing you are adviced to do..


First you want to wipe your tears as a lady you should go have sex with one of your favourite ex or someone you like having it with.

I want this reader to know that we have many types of depression and if this is not the type you are currently facing you should read my next article thanks…

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