“They didn’t just be@t him, they st@bbed and burnt him to de@th” – Late Sound engineer Wife says

The 37 year old sound engineer who was k#lled by motorcyclists in Lagos State, David Imoh, his wife has come out to narrate how her husband was murdered while trying to settle a fight between two friends and his k#llers.

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During an interview with The PUNCH on Monday, The widow said her husband was wrongly labelled as a ritu@list and Yahoo Boy before they k#lled him.

She said;

“They didn’t just be@t him, they st@bbed and burnt him to de@th,” grace broke down in tears.

“He was burnt as if he is a robber. They have taken my world away from me because of N100. This is not good,” she added.

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The widow said, “My husband went to work on May 10, I was called on May 13 by one of his friends that we lost him. She said

“My husband was not part of those who mounted the bike. Two guys (band members) took the bike and when they arrived at the venue, an argument happened between the two guys and the motorcyclist.

“They gave the motorcyclist N500 and were to get a balance of N100 but the bike man said he didn’t have change. They told him to take N300 but he refused and a fight broke out.

“My husband was invited to intervene in the issue. David intervened because of N100 and was killed.

He came outside trying to intervene but when they saw that the motorcyclists were overpowering them, they had to run back inside the bar but the bar manager pushed them out. He denied knowing them, David tried hiding but a Hausa lady exposed him.”

The widow who is a civil servant and a Post Graduate Diploma holder, cry out for justice.

She said, “How do I take care of these kids. I wanted to pursue my Master’s and get my COREN certification as an engineer. Those were his plans for me. My husband is the only one helping me. How will my children go to school?”