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Temperaments of Human Race – No 2 will Shock you

We live in a world where we have to live with some certain Human Beings even tho some of them can be irritating while some will just want you to come to this world again.

Some people are known for their bad behavior while some are the most loving ones. It sometimes hard for some to control their inner monster when it triggered when they face any breakdown.

Human beings are of the different creatures in terms of characters,  behavior, and the way they go about their lifestyle.

The human race is faced with four(4)  temperaments with usually define the way we live.

Below are the four (4)  temperaments of the human race


They are the unserious type. They practically joke with everything and they don’t seem to take things seriously even if the issues they face are more important. They are not serious type because of their playful act. Everything for them is fun.


You don’t want to get this type of People upset or angry cos they will piss you off when you do. They are bad-tempered and very irritating. They are irritating and mostly cause havoc among their peers and sometimes in society.


Ladies will love to stay close tho these set of people because they are fun to be with. They are very passionate and usually treat people with care especially their female counterparts. They are also quite and well mannered wherever they find themselves.


This set of people are the thinking one we have in our society. They are usually quite and do study the way and are always positive in any situation, giving ideas on how to deal with the situation. They are Analytic and they are very peaceful and relaxed in mind.

Where do you belong to?

Have you checked on yourself, the way you relate, your character and behavior?

Try and adjust with yourself

Control yourself so your inner monster won’t consume you.


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