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S*x worker complains about client not ‘cumm!ng’ (video)

In a viral video, A s*x worker was spotted complaining about her client not “cumming”. report: Watch Nigerian guy who refuses to pay s3x worker he slept with, accuses her of giving him tough time (video)


In the trending video, the lady was heard saying that the male client has been deceiving her by saying that he will soon ejaculate but has not done so.

She also revealed that he didn’t bother to buy her food and drink, claiming the client came with a phone to record a s*x tape.

Watch the video below…

Watch video

In other news, One of the popular Nigerian TikToker, well known as Black Chully who believed she is a l3b!an and a Tomboy has been trending after she allegedly leaked her [email protected] video making out.

Blackchully has been trending on Tiktok especially anytime there’s a new sound which is trending on The app.

The beautiful TikTok celeb has got her bedroom video of herself looking fully [email protected] and doing herself fine in a lesbobo style.

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