“Stop Drinking This, You will die” FG warns Nigerians


The confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria, as at 15th May, 2020 is said to be 5445, according to NCDC. The discharged being 1320, while the deaths, 171.


The Federal Government of Nigeria has warned its citizens to stop drinking just anything because of coronavirus (COVID-19).


The Federal Government has lamented that some Nigerians are suggesting that bleach could cure the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Tasks Force on COVID-19, Aliyu Sani said, “Bleach is poisonous, it could kill. It is not cute for COVID-19”.


NAN reported the official spoke in Abuja on Thursday at the daily briefing of the Presidential Tasks Force (PTF).

Aliyu also directed that all essential workers be allowed free movement across the country.


He appealed to security agents to accord that citizens deserve respect, and that citizens must reciprocate such.

Sani Aliyu, the PTF Coordinator, further warned that Africans are continuously being infected by the novel Corona Virus, and we’re not immune.


He also stressed that “Hot or cold weather is not a factor in the transmission of COVID-19.”

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As we are keeping the promise of bringing to you, reliable and relevant information, we also advise you to adhere to the coronavirus precautions, such as; maintaining social and physical distance, use of face masks, washing and sanitizing of hands regularly.

Stay safe!



    1. Why must people drink bleach for God sake? Are they normal? I could remember during Ebola period how some Nigerians bath salt and even drank it, hmm may God help us in this confused country

    2. Nigerians, such an amazing crop of humans.
      Whenever they hear carry go, to hear stop dey always hard them. But what do u expect them to do when u did not provide anything for them and u ain’t making any effort to remedy the situation?
      Imagine other countries number of cases is reducing but the “giant” of Africa own is increasing like sokoto desert sun??

    3. I wonder, why is it that in this country whenever there is an outbreak of a virus people will be madly in rush taken unnecessary substance as a cure to that particular disease.. we really need to wake up and realize our mistakes oo

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