Stop demanding for police report before treating victims of Gun violence — SP Benjamin Hundeyin tells medical doctors

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, The Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Police Force, has given Medical Doctors go ahead to always treat gunshot victims before they ask for a police report.

In recent times, it’s been noticed that most Doctors ask for a police report before they commence treatment on a gunshot victim and this delay has often led to the needless loss of human life. reports: Update: Shots fired as EFCC stormed the residence of Rochas Okorocha

SP Benjamin has reacted to this and said Doctors should treat gunshot victim immediately because one of their core mandate is to protect life. He also advised that the Police can be contacted after treatment has been given.

“I am shocked to learn that a few doctors still request police report before treating gunshot victims. Kindly provide immediate medical attention as stipulated by medical ethics. Then notify the police accordingly. One of our core mandates remain: protection of life,” he wrote on his twitter page.

Below are some comments that trailed his post;

Stanlieke wrote;

This is no loud enough. Some doctors really need reorientation. You can be sued for negligence and you loose your licence if a gunsh0t victim dies because you refused to treat him on the ground that there’s a no police report yet.

oluadebamowo wrote;

Ok! But una go still fault them for doing so, something isn’t right about Nigerian

jojo wrote;

Na true ???? if you treat finish na still una go arrest the doctor,what about una popular saying that Bail is free?? Even written on the wall in capital letters but una still dey charge person before una release the person.


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