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Stop calling it agbalumo, look at the real name here


In Yoruba land they call it agbalumo and in igbo land it’s referred to as udala. however the foremost used name within the country is agbalumo.

But what’s English people name of this fruit? it’s referred to as Africa edible fruit.

This Africa edible fruit may be a fruit that’s wanted by several Nigerians and it conjointly has its own health edges and therefore the health edges shall be listed below.

  1. it’s a high vitamin C content

The Agbalumo may be a terrific supply of vitamin C, with twenty five mg of vitamin C per a hundred gram of fruit.

  1. it’s a natural remedy

Agbalumo may be a natural remedy for aching, constipation, raw throat, mouth gum malady and far a lot of.

  1. It helps you reduce

As funny as this could sound, it’s what it is: Agbalumo may be terribly helpful once it involves weight reduction. One serving of Agbalumo contains simply sixty seven calories; this makes it a decent alternative for individuals with weight problems as they get fewer calories within the method of intense it.

  1. it’s smart for pregnant girls

It is not a coincidence that Agbalumo is liked by some pregnant girls. As a matter of reality, the acidic style of Agbalumo facilitate prevents the urge to vomit once experiencing sickness.


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