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How Do You Take Your Birthday Off of Facebook?

The steps to take your birthday off of Facebook are nearly the same whether you’re doing it from a computer or the app:

Hide Your Birthday on Facebook Via the Website

To change who can see your birthday month/day or year, go into your profile settings, to the Contact and basic info section.

  1. Visit your profile by selecting your image at the top right of the page.

  2. Select the About tab under your cover photo and profile image area.

  1. Choose Contact and basic info from the left.

    Facebook About and Contact and Basic Info
  2. Find your birthday on the right side, under Basic info, and select the pencil icon next to it.

    Facebook birthday information
  3. Select the audience button, again, next to your birthday.

    Birthday edit options on Facebook
  4. Listed here are all the possible audiences you can make your birthday visible to.

    Choose only me to stop everyone but you from seeing it. If it’s set to Public already, but you want to make sure only your friends can see your birthday, select Friends.

    Select audience prompt on Facebook for birthday settings

    You can do the same for your birth year on this same screen.

  5. Click Save.
    However, Facebook needs to know your age so you can’t remove your birthday completely from the app, so you’ll notice there isn’t a “delete birthday” button or “no birthday” option on that screen. Instead, you can only control who gets to see it.

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