Steps On How To Change The Colors Of Your Apps On Android

Below are the steps on how  to change the colors o your apps on android

Use Themed Icons

1. On your Android device<Settings app


2. In Settings, click on ‘Wallpaper & style’ and then ‘Themed icons’

3. You’ll be then be directed to a store where you can purchase or download free icon packs to customize your phone with. Some of these are minimalist, others highly stylized. Some by Google, others by independent artists.

4. Search through the store for an icon pack with the look and colors you want for your Android apps

5. Download the icon pack you like best

6. At the top of the store window, tap ‘My Stuff’, then scroll along to ‘Icons’

7. Select the icon pack you wish to apply to your Android, then tap ‘Apply’ and wait for the icon pack to be applied

8. You have successfully changed the colors and looks of your Android app icons!

How to change the colors of customized app icons on Android

Certain app icon packs also allow you to adjust their basic colors.

  1. On your Android device, go to the Settings app
  2. In Settings, tap on ‘Wallpaper & style’ and then ‘Basic colors’
  3. From this next settings menu, set the basic color style(s) for your phone’s wallpaper. If applicable, this will also alter the basic color palette of the new app icons you installed above, by applying a downloaded pack
  4. You have successfully changed the colors and looks of your Android app icons!


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