I Caught My Colleague Stealing Money, What Should I do?

Dear people,

I work a register at a busy supermarket. Our supermarket chain “randomly” gives out tokens that customers can return to the store with and redeem for products/%-off/etc. Each type of coin has a cash value but l don’t remember what those values are.

These coins are kind of emblematic of our chain, and employee theft of these coins is taken very seriously. We operate on a “one strike and you’re out” policy. The rules are pretty strict; for example, customers can reserve food for pick-up (e.g. pizza, cooked pies) but we can’t.

If 1 were to request a pizza to be ready at the end of my shift I could be fired. I was told by HR. Never underestimate retail’s ability to be petty.

Today was a busy day so a co-worker (1’1 call her M.) covered my register while | was on break. When I got back, I saw a customer say “Here you go.” to M. and hand M. a coin. At this point, the drawer was closed, although the customer couldn’t see that, and M. took the coin and put it in the front of her smock. Unfortunately, M. had to do this while I was looking at her and there was a camera supposedly watching the register and both of us.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that it’s possible that because of where I was standing, the camera’s view might have been blocked and the blame for the error in my till will be placed on me. Either way, my till is going to be off tonight when it is counted in the vault, and coin shortages are almost an automatic write-up. If coins are thought to be stolen then it’s an immediate termination, 75% chance the cops will be involved and get your name entered into that retail theft database.

The amount really doesn’t matter. The chain’s policy isn’t that well thought out. It’s more like a zero-tolerance policy to anything they think shouldn’t happen (e.g. call ahead orders) than a reasoned approach to theft. I’m concerned that the camera saw me see M. steal the coin and that I might get in trouble.

I know that sounds silly, but i have a big problem with people stealing, especially when I could get in trouble for it.

What do i do ?