Nigerian Army personnel were seen in a video that went viral laying curses on Chief Of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, after falling into a Boko Haram trap in the North-East where the war against terrorism is at its fiercest.

The soldier lament their near-death experiences and loss of their military and weapons during the ambush by Boko Haram terrorists, accused the Nigerian Army leadership of abandoning them to die in the bush and only sending in jets when the insurgents had dealt them heavy blows.


Dear Muhammadu Buhari, On behalf of my fellow concerned citizens of this country, we hereby request that all the recovered looted fund should be use to equip our Military. We need this to take effect immediately. We can no longer watch our husbands,sons,brothers dying.

The Federal Government should abandon some non-necessary projects and invest in the nation’s security. It is time for us to conquer the insurgency that has killed more than 30,000 thousand and displaced more than 3 million Nigerian.


Our Military men need more sophisticated weapons, heavy machines and our military men should be treated well.

we have seen enough of blood, we can longer afford to lose our love ones[Military men] anymore. We love our soldiers.



    1. In shot this our military are really need help from federal government because this people has been facing a lot of war with boko haram without see their children wife and relative, so he could have be better if Mr President can look into there request and granted it.

    2. This is very important pls our military men needs sophisticated weapons and to be well equipped because without them we are at risk, pls the leadership should look in to this matter and do something very fast

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