Starting everyday with the Lord

Prayer is the only way of starting your day with the Lord. Virtually every one prays, the christians, the Muslim, buddist, even the athiests and agnostics. The only difference is the manner of prayer and how they define prayer. Making a wish is also a prayer, for we were given the power to proclaim anything on the earth and it shall be so.

Begin each day in the name of God the Father, God the son and God the holy spirit. The importance of this little prayer on your lips daily as you wake is to invite the presence of the holy trinity, to accompany you throughout the course of the day.

The strongest prayer to say again is the Lord’s prayer. The importance of the prayer cannot be overemphasized, it’s effect is so significant, no wonder Jesus told us to pray that way. There is no need to say long prayers or spend hours praying against the evil spirit every day.

In the analysis, when we give glory and honor to the name of, and we pray for the coming of his kingdom on earth and that his will for mankind be done on earth, as it is observed in heaven. And that he give us the daily bread, meaning we pray for that which is needful for us, not too small for too big.

We also learn to forgive others, for it is in so doing that we are forgiven too. And that we should not be led into doing evil. The very effect of forgiving others is that it gives you freedom, not to think of what people had done to you but make you focused on how best you can live your life.


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