Some Nigerians don’t believe there is Covid-19 in Nigeria – See Reasons why

Nigeria as recorded more than 12,000 cases of the Coronavirus fondly called the ‘Covid-19’ and yet some of her citizens still don’t believe its existence in the country.

There have been distrust between the government and the citizens ever since and with the coronavirus raging the world at the moment, some secret might have been exposed with many Nigerians asking questions about the health sector and many other things.

Few weeks back, The country cut off expenses with the Educational and Health sector largely affected but the renovation of the House of Assembly was still included which as left many Nigerians perplexed why such huge amount would be spent on renovation and yet they can’t provide palliatives to the masses they asked to home.

Lagos State is the worst-hit state in the country with over 5,000 confirmed cases, Kano and The Federal Capital is the next to it.

People believed the coronavirus is a means for the government to embezzle more money and many believe the country is just trying to play a part in the lockdown.

‘There is no Coronavirus, they are just using it to steal money’, the common statement among the masses who felt disappointed with the government who failed to provide food and money for the citizens.

Many have been seen going on with their normal lives while some are been careful not to get infected.

The Health sector has been largely exposed and it as showed and revealed how the country is lacking behind in the provision of better hospitals and health centers.

Nigeria as the total number of 12,801 confirmed cases with 8,400 discharged and the total number of death has risen to 361.

Coronavirus is real and always stay safe

Don’t forget to abide by the Protocols and always practice personal hygiene.


  1. “Seeing is believing,” that’s the average Nigerian man spirit. They want to see a dead man killed by COVID with their naked eyes first before believing but they should not forget it could be them.

  2. Coronavirus is real and always stay safe Don’t forget to abide by the Protocols and always practice personal hygiene. Those who think it doesn’t exist should forget it and be care
    careful we have only one life so don’t joke with it. Stay safe.

  3. Coronavirus in Nigeria get understanding and it is respecting those in authority in Nigeria but in other countries coronavirusdon’t respect anybody.

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