Soldier was Stoped by Taraba Youths From Committing Suicide (Read Full Details)


Soldier was Stoped by Taraba Youths From Committing Suicide (Read Full Details)Addressing Rising Cases of Suicide Among Teenagers In Nigeria ... Residents of Jalingo, Taraba State, spent an hour struggling to stop a military man from committing suicide.

According to the report, the soldier identified simply as Ali, climbed the Welcome to Taraba Roadblock Tower -over 24fts high, threatening to jump down.

The Nation reports that, the said soldier was speaking in Hausa and pidgin, saying: “I want to die. Allow me to jump down and die.” But the youth who have gathered there, spent quite some time begging him: “Please do not jump. We don’t want you to die.”


It was also gathered that the soldier’s behaviour attracted their attention when they spotted him on top of the tower pulling and throwing down the items of clothing on him.

“We noticed someone climbing the place and pulling off his clothes. We got there to discover he is someone we know. He was left with under pant and an inner vest and poised to jump. We went close and began to beg him,” an eyewitness was quoted by the newspaper as saying.


A close look reveals he has an injury on his left kneecap, which he bandaged.

A source told The Nation that Ali has mental illness and has been relieved of his job, of recent.


“He is an ex-soldier, fond of riding military motorbikes in town. He was sacked from the army when it was discovered he is mentally ill,” another source said.



    1. A soldier can’t be sacked in the Nigeria army when they are sick. No matter the sickness they will be giving time to recover they most served their 35years as long as they are alive the only time a soldier can be sack is when they have done something wrong or very bad things

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