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Since you Got Married,You have totally changed – Fan tells Adekunle Gold, he responds


Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold recently tweeted on how he is not responsible for how people see him.

A fan responded that the singer seems to have changed after getting married and he is not really a fan of the new him.

Adekunle Gold then responded by asking what the fan wants him to do about it.

Being in the spotlight is not always peaches and roses’ seeing as your life becomes an object of scrutiny and criticism.

For this reason, many celebs have tried to develop thick skins so that negative reactions on social media will not get to them.

Just recently, one of Nigeria’s talented singers, Adekunle Gold, took to his

Twitter page to share his thoughts on how the version of him people have created in their minds is not his concern.

A fan of the musician then used the opportunity to tell him how he thinks he has changed after getting married.


The fan added that he no longer appreciates the singer as much as he used to.


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