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I remember during service, served at Ondo state (Ijare) this warri girl came to sit beside me during a football match between my platoon 3 and platoon 5, we got talking, and she started gisting me how she can finish 5 bottles of beer, I just dey look am they nod my head.

We got close and started spending time together in camp, after camp she was posted far away from me, but we planned to meet at Ilorin, o boy no be play o, this girl finished 5 bottles of star, while I took 3 bottles of legend, she was very nice and appreciative for the fact I took care of her, she suggested she pay for the room.

We beeped like crazy, non-stop during the night and had occasional breaks to catch our breath, na then I respect warri girls, we lost contact, I was posted to a far LG, while I think she was posted to another far LGA.

I was a crazy experience, I bleeped a few corpers, but no one comes close to her, no disrespect I look like a black American and I have a likable personality so people generally like me.

Share Your NYSC S**x Tales!


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