Self acclaimed cultist Confesses: Why I killed four Eiye members in Kano

Ahmed, who hails from Kano state, confessed that he was the hitman of the infamous Aiye confraternity. His story is not like the usual, but, a show of desperation.

Further disaster by him was curtailed by the iron hands of the Anti-Cultism Unit of the Lagos State Police Command that has continued to record great strides in the fight against cultism in the state.

Initiation He revealed that he was initiated to the Black Axe confraternity in the year 2010, and was the group’s butcher before his arrest. According to him; ‘I have carried out several assignments to fight or kill members of other rival groups.

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I killed four members of the Eiye confraternity last year. I was on a mission to avenge the death of our Babalawo (herbalist) , who initiated me into the group. Killing Spree “The death of ‘Babalawo’ led to a killing spree of members of Black Axe and their rival, Eiye.

First, late Babalawo’s squad at Apapa avenged his death by killing a member of the Eiye confraternity who was also one of its strong men. “In retaliation, Eiye group stormed the Apapa squad, killed some of our members and injured others.

Among those killed in Black axe, was a guy we called Bebeto. As if that wasn’t enough, after some weeks, Eiye struck again and killed two of our strong members: Angola and his friend, Shekpe.

“When news of their death filtered in,  some of our members fled to Fadeyi, but the Eiye men there, saw one of them inside a bus and with the aid of traffic congestion, our member was dragged out of the commercial vehicle and killed. his corpse was dumped at Ojurin, in  Fadeyi. Again, another Black Axeman was killed, with his body yet to be recovered”.

Vengeance ‘’When I heard of Babalawo’s death and others that were killed, I took it upon myself to avenge their death. I called one of my friends, Amaru, who is also a strong member of Aiye and usually supplied us with guns when needed. “I told him I needed a gun urgently and he said it would cost me N25,000 to get the type of gun I needed.

I saved up some money from my tailoring work and sent it to Amaru to help me purchase the gun’’. Killing spree Armed with the needed weapon, he said he decided to take rivals one after the other.

Hear him: ‘’One day, I was in a restaurant at Ebute-Meta and overheard a guy telling his friend that there would be a party at a night club in Ebute Meta, being organized by members of Eiye group. “Immediately I heard it, I made up my mind to strike that night.

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I made straight for the venue, with my gun.  I waited patiently, outside, for the right time to strike. “When I sighted a group of Eiye members approaching,  I went close them and shot one of them, while others fled. I also escaped. ‘’I killed two other Eiye members during a street fight between our group and theirs.

I shot one of them dead, while another member was stabbed to death. ‘’The fourth killing was done on a fateful night. A member of my group led me to a street in Fadeyi where  I shot an Eiye member to death’’ End of Road After the killing, he said news of his involvement went round the area.

He said, “People began to suspect I was a cultist. I told my mum that something was fishy and that I wanted to leave the area for a while. “I stopped relating with other members of my group to avoid further suspicion. But it was too late to readjust.

I was in my house when some policemen came to pick me in connection with a recent fight I wasn’t part of”. Police take further action According to a source in the police, further arrests are being carried out in connection with cult-related killings.

Information at Crime Guard’s disposal said over 15 members of Black Axe and Eiye confraternities had been arrested and charged to court.


  1. This kind of life at the end of the day does not pay. See where it has gotten him to now. If care is not taken he can also be killed by firing squad on the grounds of man slaughter. So as they say this guy don enter one chance.

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