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See the 3 sexual fantasies your girl wants to fulfill with you

And you should be willing and ready to make them happen for her.

I’s not OK to assume that your man is always ready for sex [Credit: Shutterstock]

Despite the habitual refusal to take the lead and initiate sex most of the time, women are actually more experimental with sex than we may have thought.

Flowing from this, women, just like men, are loaded with fantasies they’d love to live out.

So even though she refuses to say anything about it, there’s a chance that your girl is willing to experience one of the most common female fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are actually not bad for your relationship [Credit: iStock]

1. A stripper-involved night

A striptease, testosterone-laced rhythmic moves, and a lap dance. Apparently this is what occupies another fantasy in the imagination of several women.

Your babe or wife likely wants to experience this also. Why not learn a few dance moves and blow her mind with them?

2. Domination

This fantasy involves a gorgeous ‘stranger’ literally sweeping her off her feet and having her melt in his arms before the end of the night.

For guys who hope to help their babes bring this fantasy to life, all you need is to role play and you’ll make it happen.

Indoor sex is great, but there is also something about outdoor sex that many people find themselves fantasizing about [Credit: MBG]

3. Sex in a public place

That there is a possibility of getting caught seems to also create a thrill for many women, but of course, most of them might not confess to wanting this.

The fear of getting caught and the embarrassment that will likely ensue has always been a deterrent for many women pursuing this desire.

But then, for couples that are adventurous, this is a risk that’s not particularly too hard to take. You can give your bae that thrill she craves.

The question now is; are you game?