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See List of Most Used Words in 2020

Year in your out the search engines which include Google, Bing and many others usually list the most commonly used words for that year, or the most and frequently searched words, event, persons like politicians, celebrity, scholars, and scientists, and many many more.

This year it is of perfect assurance and incontrovertible that the recent global health challenges will be topping in the most searched words and that website of such would be also most used website as people are always interested in getting the first-hand news and many maintain a healthy skepticism when reading about things that concern health so as not to get wrong information. This year is yet to be ranked by the search engines but here are lists of possible words that could make it to the list.

1. Quarantine

2. Stay safe

3. Coronavirus

4. Isolation

5. Pandemic

6. Lockdown

7. Stay at home

8. Wear face mask

9. Sanitize your hands

10. Wash your hands properly

11. Social distance

12. Recession

13. Stop the spread

14. Palliative

15. World power.

Most browsed website or portal are:

1. World health organization

2. National Committee for Disease Control i.e. for Nigerians and different health or disease control body of different countries.

Most searched countries are:

1. China

2. Italy

3. United States of America

4. Spain

5. United kingdom

And probably Nigeria would be somewhere in the list.

Let’s meet at the comment box so you can add yours.


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