See how Ogun state police officers begging profusely for hitting innocent undergraduate while heading home for Easter break (video)

On Saturday, April 17, A student of Gateway Polytechnic, Sapaade, Ogun State, was assaulted by police officers while heading home for Easter break.

Ogun State police Officers begin to beg after savagely assaulted the undergraduate.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the victim can be seen questioning the police officers for assaulting him. Narrating the incident, he said: “I was on a bike heading home for the Easter break when we were accosted by police officers, some on the right side of the road and others on the left.

The ones on the right asked the bikemen to move and as we were moving, the officers on the left shouted at us for moving and used their billy club to hit me and I got injured in my mouth.  I promised to report them to my father and it was then they started begging me saying they were aiming for the bike-man not  me. Police harassment should end. Please, let the appreciate authorities look into the matter.

Watch (video) below…..


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