Satan’s church crushed by angry youths in Abia, owner got arrested by the police

A shocking report came that a church of satan named”The Assemblies of light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer was crushed and demolished by some angry youth in Abia state.This church is located at Ohafia local government,Abia State.
Ifekwe Udo who was the founder of the church was  quite popular in the past quarter of the decade for his commendable effort in making sure the youths of the community was not idle , he gave the jobless youth motorcycles on hire purchase.
police inspecting the church vicinity
Church of Satan demolished and founder arrested (photos)

Based on the  report of an eyewitness,the founder of the chuch was arrested by the Nigerian police for violating the lockdown order, child trafficking and terrorizing the community. This statement now leaves everyone saying that he was not just arrested for having a satanic church but for also violating some laws.

Picture of the founder of the church belowYouths demolish 'Church of Satan' in Abia State - DNB Stories

Deminishing of devilish materials found in the church vicinityChurch of Satan founder involved in police station burning ...


    1. Some humans are Satan, how on earth will a man bring in such a devilish religion and call it a church just to deceive the gullible public. The youths have done a good job to have brought down that ignoble “thing” that retard their growth or caused them retrogression.

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