Reasons why Pope Francis is Silent despite Antichrist allegations

Why Pope Francis is Silent on Him Being Called an Antichrist


PopePope Francis is the holy father and bishop of Rome, his real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, from Argentina and the first Jesuit Pope and first from America. He became the Pope of the Catholic Church after Pope Benedict XVi resigned due to old age and health issues in 2006.

Pope Francis had received countless criticisms from a so-called prophet, pastors and men of God who feels the Catholic Church had some practice which is not godly.

Especially during this process of the Corona Virus pandemic where Italy the home country of the Catholic had been so much affected, with high cases and deaths. The Pope was even said by some people to be positive to the virus and all were news that is not genuine.

A popular pastor, Apostle Suleman had called the Pope an anti-Christ, saying he sacrificed his people to suffer the virus, and also some days ago some news was online that he hosted winged stuff as part of the diety exchange program.

Also, some said he affected our Lord’s prayer and also his continuous effort to make the world one religion.




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