Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Lagos state rescued a 67-year-old man as he was about to commit suicide on his birthday

A 67-year-old man who attempted to commit suicide on his birthday was rescued by the men of the Rapid Response Squad of Lagos state(RRS)

The officers on patrol of the 3rd Mainland bridge on Tuesday, April 5, saw this man when he was about to jump into the lagoon and they stopped him.

The police in a statement said that the man identified as Oluwatoye Bamgboye, from Oju-Ore, Ogun State, was attempting to commit suicide by jumping into the Lagos Lagoon on the island when the officers stopped him.

He revealed that his personal problems made him sell his properties and still his problem wasn’t resolved. He collected a loan and his problem still persisted.

He explained further that he secured a job and on the day he was supposed to resume, he was informed that the job had been given to someone else.

‘‘Today being my birthday, I have decided to end it all. The burden and the frustration are too much for me to bear. My wife has abandoned me in the process,” the man lamented.

He has been conveyed to Adekunle Police Station, and they are working on contacting his family members.